Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My whole day was interrupted with my stupid emotion. I was being stoopid today by not behaving like myself. Why? Maybe I was annoyed with some people who were not aware the importance of answering calls from me(hey, I am not being bossy here!).

Yesterday, this person was on leave. And suddenly something came up and I had to call this person for some clarification or confirmation regarding important matters! Work, of course! But this person did not pick up my phone calls. I simply cannot make any decision because I was not qualified to do so. After I called about thousand times, still no answer, I gave up. That was it, I said to myself. Full stop.

And today, I failed to behave wisely. However, when it came to work, I made sure, everything was done accordingly. No personal grudge was implemented :)

I am not me. No stoopid jokes, no crazy laughter, no speedy words bla...bla...bla...God, I failed!

My head hurts until now. I did not know why. God, help me!

And my concern for today, should I or should not I leave my job at the moment? Somebody, help me!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


clavriene: eh ko ade bc post aku plg br?
clavriene: ade tugasan utk ko kt c2
tv: blom
tv: jap²
tv: aku mcm maleh nak bace sampai abes je
clavriene: huhuhuh
tv: i have a bad feeling about this
tv: hahhahaha
clavriene: kakakakaka

* perbualan yang telah menjerumuskan aku ke dalam tag² neh. Aku pon kene buat. Hahaha! siOt clav!

(a) 10 mende pasal clav yang sebok² tag aku
1. suke melukis
2. suke bli majalah jepun (KLCC)
3. suke minum teh o ais limau
4. suke tempe
5. comel lote
6. sayang kucing
7. ade anak sedare yang ganeh
8. suke anime
9. suke Orange Range
10. kaye dah skarang :)

(b) 10 mende pasal aku
1. ske anta sms
2. ske cakap sorang²
3. ske teh o ais
4. ske pepperoni pizza
5. ske makan nasik ngan ayam
6. ske Kenshin Himura (Samurai X)
7. ske kasi barang kat famili & kawan²
8. sayang famili
9. skrg gile keje
10. dah mule suke bace buku...aneh btol!

(c) Kene tag orang lain pulak...
*idak le tau sape lagi...aku kenekan clav balik!
1. clavriene
2. kazuki

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Gosh, i can become crazy if I continue with this blog thingy. As I said to Clavriene, I am not so good with these complicated things. Haha! I may destroy everything with my lil finger here. :) Right now, I am struggling with my chatbox! Trying so hard to insert the box according to the layout. Finally, this is the result. I hope it is better that before. My head hurts, I need to sleep...ZzZzZz...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Genting 2008

I went to Genting with my colleagues last November. We were having lotsa fun! Me, Bela, Eddie, Napi, Acik, Amer, Razi and Hani had come into conclusion to go crazy at the amusement park.

.:Fun at the Peak!:.

Well, we were surely having fun! Bela said, she wanted to go there again. Hopefully, we will have a golden chance again, to gather again and fly there, over and over again! I have lotsa Genting pictures (thanks to Bela's cam) but I don't have enough spaces to put them. Maybe next time, ya!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pertama Kali

sebelum² ni aku dok bace blog orang kat site blogspot neh. aku terpikir, rajin btol diorang ni nulih. nak dibandingkan ngan aku yang maleh ni, jauh panggang dari api. skarang ni, aku plak nak try layan blog. sblm ni memang ade blog kat friendster, tapi aku nengok ramai plak yang lepak kat blogspot neh, temasuk kengkawan baik aku. jadi, time kasih la sbb memberi inspirasi pade aku, Clavriene, Kazuki, Phyde :)