Sunday, February 22, 2009


Finally, after days of talking about buying new tv, I managed to buy a tv for my umah sewa sengihnampakgigi yatta! Of course, it is not a gigantic tv size but, I bought it from my own pocket money, not to forget, sweet talking from my dad to the tokeh kedai ihikhik.

As you all can see, just an ordinary tv, right? But we love it!:woooh:. I told Clavriene that I bought this tv, she said, Hey, why don't you insert this news in your blog? I said, not so bad...I'll do it...So, here it story about my tv sengihnampakgigi
I still remembered, the first time I brought the tv home, none of my housemate realized the tv. One of them was sleeping and another one was working-to-death at the office. My dad helped me to setup the tv. Thanks, dad!

The next day, we did not watch the tv because we are too exhausted, and we slept after Isya' prayer. Including me, of course
sengihnampakgigi. Nothing much to add.:wave:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

cik itik part 2

I received a news this morning,around 7.38am...My dad told me...

Itik was rammed by our neighbour's car. He died on the spot. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

cik itik

I am too sleepy to post . I had a long day today. A lot of things happened, but not all of them were pleasant . So, no need for me to brag here about those 'little issues'.

Well, one of our ducks is missing at the moment. Last night, my dad came back from work and he visited the ducks for a while. However, one of them was following my dad when he was walking towards the house. He (the duck, of course!) managed to make a tour in the house. My dad picked him up and put him outside the house. That was the last time we saw Itik! The next day, he was gone. My dad said, maybe die merajuk sebab ayah angkut die kuar dari umah. Membawa diri ke hape itik neh?! . I am so worried because he may be eaten by wild dogs or any predators. May God help him . Itik, come home!Udah² le merajuk tu!


Saturday, February 14, 2009


How I wish to watch these movies...:woooh:

Upin and Ipin The Movie

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Anybody wants to watch them with me?:blush:

Friday, February 13, 2009

endless journey

I am so tired right now:yawn:. Our team have to settle various tasks within this week. Today, my boss, Loges and I counted rice bags and milk powder for our own stock take. Manually. We moved around and counted them one by one:puppyeyes:. Man, that was tiring:sigh:.

Recently, I am always sleepy. Almost everyday after work, I want to close my eyes and sleep. But, I can't. If I follow my desire to sleep, I will only get up at 6am, the next morning. Haha! :ahaha:. My Opah also does not allow me to sleep at dawn. And before this, I heard somebody told me, we cannot sleep after 'Asr prayer because we may become crazy or mad. So, don't sleep at that time, ya?takbole

When I am at my grandparents' or my parents' house, I can online almost everyday:woooh:. I am so happy. Thank you to all my friends who always be there for me when I want to talk. Thanks Wani and Aiman. You guys rock!:okay:. Sori sebab slalu pm korangsengihnampakgigi

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finally...these were what I did

After few times changing my blog's layout, finally I decided to use the classic version, yeah..the blogger template. I had enough of editing the html code (which I did not know well) and yesterday, I changed to the current template. Man, that was simple! MySpacePhotobucket


I tried to write educationally, but I think, I am not that good.MySpaceSo, i just write what I am capable of. For those people out there, if you think my blog is not good enough, you just continue your journey by going to other blogsMySpace. That is my honest opinion.


Before I went home from work, my big boss membebel kat gua. He was asking lots of questions regarding stock. Why you did not order this range, that range, those items, these items. At that time, i thought I would die MySpace. But, I managed to handle everything before I escaped from him with my colleague, Loges.MySpace. Yay me!MySpace.


Now, I am at my grandparents' house again. My Opah has asked me yesterday to stay here and help my uncle. My uncle cannot walk much these days, so I am helping him by picking all things he wants.MySpace.


By the way, i was browsing the YouTube and I found this wonderful vid. Enjoy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

For all my friends who are celebrating their birthday today, Phyde, Dila & Nizam...

And my other friends who celebrate their special day this month:
*Qma *Kak Diana *Emi *Alin *Sabariah *Linda Alias *Linda Isa

May God bless you guys in this temporary world and hereafter. Insyaallah...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kampongku...di sini lah!

During my childhood, I spent most of my time here. My Opah (grandma), Tok (grandpa), Ude (uncle) and Ayang (aunt) are always there for me :inlove:. Clav, you've been here before, remember? Kazu, come and visit my kampong! Hiro, this is my kampong where I usually online using my uncle's internet. Haha! And I am using his internet again right now!

Finally, my uncle was out from the hospital. He was there for almost a week. As expected, the bill was expensive. I am going to persuade my Opah to accept my money! Wait for me, Opah!

My kampong surrounding is peaceful. It is hard to hear any loud noises except the sound of big lorries moving along the road. I just want to scream all my friends' names and invite them to come here. Tapi jangan datang satu bas dah le! Hahaha!

Ha, the black car is my uncle's car. Just ignore the one beside it. (it's my mom's, sorry mom!, hehe). Can you all see lots of cats around his car? One is on the top of the car, one is beside the wheel and one is sitting on the cement near the car's back. My uncle loves cats so much. Just now, when he came back from the hospital (for medical check up), one of the cats was waiting for him. The cat greeted him by meowing over and over again and walking back and forth near my uncle. After saying Hi to my uncle (this was my own speculation,haha!), he left through the back door. I was the one who opened the door for him. Yay Me! v('-')v

My mom, my aunt and me went out just now. We bought some stuffs and guess what? The price was quite expensive! Goods are getting expensive these days. :sweaty:

Baru perasan, sejak ade blog ni, asik tulis perkara yang sedih ngan geram je...Hahaha! tapi nak wat cane kan...

Monday, February 2, 2009


The clock is ticking as I am writing. I am at my grandparents' house. We are planning to visit my uncle tomorrow. I already applied for a leave. My grandma said, my uncle will be discharged tomorrow. She said, it is going to be a quite expensive bill. I said to my mom, I can give some of my salary to grandma (I called her, Opah.) My mom told my Opah but she refused to accept. Sigh...My uncle has helped me a lot and I want to help him. Maybe next time...


Today was a very busy day for me. My stock control manager was on leave again. My colleague and I have to settle lotsa reports and work. In addition to that, we have to attend a meeting at 5pm with our General Manager and Promotion & Display Team to discuss about stocks and layout for next promotion. I was settling the ordering whilst my colleague did another job. During that critical period, that creepy TM asked my colleague to do other things which required him to go to Ipoh. He said, "...settle your job as fast as possible and pass it to Fiza..." My colleague tak sempat nak siapkan semuanya :( (He did not have enough time to complete his work & he had to leave). I told my colleague, '...please don't go. please don't leave me.." I nearly cried as I said those words. He answered, "There is nothing I can do, Kak" So, he left me with tons of work. I only have two hands and a mind. Need to complete everything before I go back.

I did not have my lunch. Did not have appetite. Did not feel hungry at all. My mind blanked & blurred. God has given me a lot of obstacles to be tackled. I was trying my best.

Then, during my critical time, God has helped me by sending our big boss (the one visited our store last Saturday) to our store again. A very good distraction. Therefore, the meeting was cancelled. I was saved. Thank you, Allah.

I managed to complete almost of my work. Hopefully things will get better tomorrow. Insyaallah :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Temporary Full Stop Here

After nine days of non-stop working, finally, it's my restday today! Yay! Until now, I spent most of my time, relaxing, watching tv, surfing the net and my next plan is to sleep!

But...kite susah ati la sekarang. I text-ed my aunt, asking about my uncle's condition. She said the operation was quite ok. She asked me whether me and my mom will drop him a visit or not. The truth is, me and my mom do not know Ipoh roads well and my aunt knew that. Our only hope is my dad. But...he just came back from the hospital. He rested and slept for a while. Now, he is resting again. Maybe we will go...later...Hopefully...