Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kampongku...di sini lah!

During my childhood, I spent most of my time here. My Opah (grandma), Tok (grandpa), Ude (uncle) and Ayang (aunt) are always there for me :inlove:. Clav, you've been here before, remember? Kazu, come and visit my kampong! Hiro, this is my kampong where I usually online using my uncle's internet. Haha! And I am using his internet again right now!

Finally, my uncle was out from the hospital. He was there for almost a week. As expected, the bill was expensive. I am going to persuade my Opah to accept my money! Wait for me, Opah!

My kampong surrounding is peaceful. It is hard to hear any loud noises except the sound of big lorries moving along the road. I just want to scream all my friends' names and invite them to come here. Tapi jangan datang satu bas dah le! Hahaha!

Ha, the black car is my uncle's car. Just ignore the one beside it. (it's my mom's, sorry mom!, hehe). Can you all see lots of cats around his car? One is on the top of the car, one is beside the wheel and one is sitting on the cement near the car's back. My uncle loves cats so much. Just now, when he came back from the hospital (for medical check up), one of the cats was waiting for him. The cat greeted him by meowing over and over again and walking back and forth near my uncle. After saying Hi to my uncle (this was my own speculation,haha!), he left through the back door. I was the one who opened the door for him. Yay Me! v('-')v

My mom, my aunt and me went out just now. We bought some stuffs and guess what? The price was quite expensive! Goods are getting expensive these days. :sweaty:

Baru perasan, sejak ade blog ni, asik tulis perkara yang sedih ngan geram je...Hahaha! tapi nak wat cane kan...


February 12, 2009 at 3:36 PM

eh eh. awk kan kje tesco, takkan tak pasan rega barang dah naik kot? ;) *hehehehhee*

February 12, 2009 at 8:40 PM

hehehe...hari2 tgk report ordering, sampai tak pasan harga naik..naye je die ni tau

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