Monday, February 2, 2009


The clock is ticking as I am writing. I am at my grandparents' house. We are planning to visit my uncle tomorrow. I already applied for a leave. My grandma said, my uncle will be discharged tomorrow. She said, it is going to be a quite expensive bill. I said to my mom, I can give some of my salary to grandma (I called her, Opah.) My mom told my Opah but she refused to accept. Sigh...My uncle has helped me a lot and I want to help him. Maybe next time...


Today was a very busy day for me. My stock control manager was on leave again. My colleague and I have to settle lotsa reports and work. In addition to that, we have to attend a meeting at 5pm with our General Manager and Promotion & Display Team to discuss about stocks and layout for next promotion. I was settling the ordering whilst my colleague did another job. During that critical period, that creepy TM asked my colleague to do other things which required him to go to Ipoh. He said, "...settle your job as fast as possible and pass it to Fiza..." My colleague tak sempat nak siapkan semuanya :( (He did not have enough time to complete his work & he had to leave). I told my colleague, '...please don't go. please don't leave me.." I nearly cried as I said those words. He answered, "There is nothing I can do, Kak" So, he left me with tons of work. I only have two hands and a mind. Need to complete everything before I go back.

I did not have my lunch. Did not have appetite. Did not feel hungry at all. My mind blanked & blurred. God has given me a lot of obstacles to be tackled. I was trying my best.

Then, during my critical time, God has helped me by sending our big boss (the one visited our store last Saturday) to our store again. A very good distraction. Therefore, the meeting was cancelled. I was saved. Thank you, Allah.

I managed to complete almost of my work. Hopefully things will get better tomorrow. Insyaallah :)