Monday, February 16, 2009

cik itik

I am too sleepy to post . I had a long day today. A lot of things happened, but not all of them were pleasant . So, no need for me to brag here about those 'little issues'.

Well, one of our ducks is missing at the moment. Last night, my dad came back from work and he visited the ducks for a while. However, one of them was following my dad when he was walking towards the house. He (the duck, of course!) managed to make a tour in the house. My dad picked him up and put him outside the house. That was the last time we saw Itik! The next day, he was gone. My dad said, maybe die merajuk sebab ayah angkut die kuar dari umah. Membawa diri ke hape itik neh?! . I am so worried because he may be eaten by wild dogs or any predators. May God help him . Itik, come home!Udah² le merajuk tu!