Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My whole day was interrupted with my stupid emotion. I was being stoopid today by not behaving like myself. Why? Maybe I was annoyed with some people who were not aware the importance of answering calls from me(hey, I am not being bossy here!).

Yesterday, this person was on leave. And suddenly something came up and I had to call this person for some clarification or confirmation regarding important matters! Work, of course! But this person did not pick up my phone calls. I simply cannot make any decision because I was not qualified to do so. After I called about thousand times, still no answer, I gave up. That was it, I said to myself. Full stop.

And today, I failed to behave wisely. However, when it came to work, I made sure, everything was done accordingly. No personal grudge was implemented :)

I am not me. No stoopid jokes, no crazy laughter, no speedy words bla...bla...bla...God, I failed!

My head hurts until now. I did not know why. God, help me!

And my concern for today, should I or should not I leave my job at the moment? Somebody, help me!!!