Thursday, January 22, 2009

Taste of Music

Em...actually this is not a new thing. I started to like this kind of music few months ago and I told nobody. Not even a single soul. Then, when some people around me realized that I am listening to this music, they asked me, "Since when did you like it? I did not know!" Haha! Guys, takkan sume nak kasitau kot..(*giggles).One night, I played almost all songs in my handphone. Most of my songs are not sweet-kind-lovely songs. They are rock songs! I turned the volume quite high and sometimes sang along. My housemate was also with me that night and she said, "Kak, your look does not show you that you like this kind of music. Your appearance does not fit at all." Hahaha! I said to her, "I know, dear. People called me Nerd (I am wearing specs). Isn't that obvious?" She smiled back and nodded.

Well, guys...these are some of the songs...
Bunkface - Situasi

Couple - Tentang Kita

Corumn 80's - Oh! Reena

Bittersweet - Capital E

Meet Uncle Hussein - Pari-Pari Di Bawah Angin