Saturday, January 31, 2009

London Bridge is falling down...

Well, quoted from yesterday's writing, I said I hoped there will be no major issue tomorrow. However, our big boss (one rank higher than our General Manager) suddenly dropped by and visited our store. The problems were...

#our SGM was on leave
#most of our TMs were on leave
#managers also on leave @ worked at afternoon shift

My colleague and I had to walk (we called it detail walk) with our boss, for almost an hour. I have to answer questions regarding stocks whilst my friend answered regarding bookstock. I know some of you do not know what I am talking about. But, lets pretend you guys know what I am babbling, ya?

Our Duty Manager dah mati kutu since he has to answer a lot of questions from the visitor. As for both of us, we have tried our best in front of the managers. I hoped everything went well. I am veryyyyy sure tomorrow will be a blast for all managers. Lotsa concerns and next steps being given. Tomorrow will be a serious day. I am sure! Huhu!


My aunt text-ed me this evening. She said my uncle has been hospitalised. He has appendix and scheduled for surgery tonight at 9pm. I hope everything went well. My uncle's health is not so good recently. Friends, doakan pakcik saye selamat, ya? Thanks.


Nana and Abang Ngah already went back to their Universities. I hope they reached their destination safely.