Tuesday, December 8, 2009



I wanted to write yesterday but I was too exhausted. Arrived home safely after seven an a half hours journey from Johor.
I went to Clavriene's house last weekend. Yeah, after several boring hours in the bus, finally the bus dropped me near the Danga City Mall. I was hoping that the bus stopped at the Larkin Sentral, but it did not :sigh:.

Last Sunday, we went to Singapore. The city was colourful. Well, can smell the Christmas spirit, though. Lots of people in each and every shopping mall since they were having the Christmas Sale. Clav and me were only doing our own routine, window shopping! Haha! menari

whose bag is this?
Thank you Clav and family for being so nice to me. I am so sorry if my presence was a hardship to you and your beloved family. Thank you again.

I am looking forward to seeing you and Kazuki this weekend. :okay: