Thursday, May 27, 2010


Recently I just found out about something. Someone told me that it was not a big deal. Honey, there are things you considered as trifles mean a lot to me. Things you considered as not important, as a matter of fact, important to me. We have different point of view or perspectives. Please open your mind. Do not be so naive. You claimed that you did not know about the 'addressees thing'. For me, who has never been into this situation, I still know, dear. I know. How come you did not know? Too naive, perhaps? Then, what happened? The other person fell for you. And you still say that you did not mean it to be this way. You claimed that explanation has been made. Darling, you really need to be sensitive. Please. How I felt? Did you realize that? It hurts me so much, honey. So much. Now, when I tickled you with that person's name, you suddenly become so emotional. You said I made insinuations about your previous action. What should I say? It was just a joke, Hon.

On the other hand, this is a different story. You, as a person should consider many things before you make any decision. Do you still remember what I told you? Until now, I am still repeating my lines.

"If you have to make a decision, lots of things need to be considered. Life is full of choices. If you decide to choose A, you must think what will happen to G or M or Z maybe."

What I am trying to say that THINK about the side effect of your decision. Do not simply make decision just to save your butt on that particular time. God gives us 'aql so use it wisely. For certain occasions, please think with your 'aql, not your heart.

I do not mean to highlight any big story or issue here. But I need a platform for me to express my deep feeling and thought. I know you will be reading this. Please understand. Thank you.